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Ibiza fashion fantasies +more..................




Some pics of the current season

some impressions: Ibiza spring  our stall @ Las Dalias Hippiemarket

Santi, my coworker observing the market stall and welcoming the children as well as keeping my spritits up during a 16 hour market working day

Balinese children  in front of their school dressed up with LOLI POP models.

Ganesh observing that no child is missing the school lessons.

Bali one of my production sites in Asia.

Bali a creative place: artist meets artist wether its painting, fashion design, indoor architecture, photography or modelling..... Our girl is tying hard as she is quite shy, by the way as I always was and sometimes still am....

 Get   things going and capture inspiration

Thanks to all my workers

Special thanks to my Rasta embroider specialist 

Each of them help me every year to make dreams come true

Special thanks to all my clients . Without their enthusiasm

for my designs all this would not be possible. 

A big hug to all my children customers from me and Santi

the Hippy bear.

Potpoury 2017


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